Does your child have difficulty eating, drinking or communicating?

Speech Pathology Services specialise in the assessment and management of infants, preschoolers and primary school children in the areas of Early feeding difficulties, Eating and drinking difficulties, Articulation Delay/ Disorder, Language Delay/ Disorder, Voice and Nasality issues, Fluency issues (stuttering) and Literacy development.

talk to a speech pathologist

When should I talk to a speech pathologist?

Is your child talking or listening as well as other children? Do their friends have better communication skills? If you have a concern regarding your child's communication contact us to determine whether your child needs help. more...

Risk Factors

Risk factors for your child developing communication problems include:

Ongoing or several middle ear infections or glue ear, early feeding problems, family history of communication or hearing difficulties or, other developmental or medical problems early on. more...

feeding difficulties

Does your child have feeding difficulties?

Early feeding problems may lead to delayed speech/language development, disordered sound production or sound sequencing and speech difficulties. If your child has difficulty feeding call us for a thorough assessment. more...

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